[How to make sesame seed cake?

Detailed steps are here!

】 _Home Practice _ Production Method

[How to make sesame seed cake?
Detailed steps are here!
】 _Home Practice _ Production Method

Presumably most people have eaten sesame pancakes. Some people also call them blast furnace sesame pancakes. In fact, this is a common snack. Sesame sesame pancakes have a golden color. The surface layer is relatively crispy and the inside is very soft., And the taste is very beautiful, this kind of delicious food must be eaten by countless people, so let ‘s teach everyone how to make sesame cakes.

How to make sesame seed cakes: 1.

You don’t need to send it to the original double big, you can start it.


During baking time, make a little puff pastry: put a few spoonfuls of flour in a small bowl, add two spoonfuls of salt, two spoonfuls of peppercorn powder or five spice powder, mix well, add onion oil, stir well, add a little oil and stir until the streamlineJust like it.

Don’t make it too thick, otherwise it won’t be easy to spread on the dough after a while.

This pastry is just to divide the dough, not too much.

It can be stored in a bottle in an unused state and stored in a sealed refrigerator for a week.


After launching the dough, move it to the chopping board, knead it twice, and knead the strips. A kebab is made up of two recipes, and the recipe is as large as you want.

Take a dough and roll into slices, spreading a layer of pastry evenly.

You can sprinkle a little green onion, or sprinkle a little salt according to your own taste.

Rolled up, long and round.

Set aside.


Take another dough and press flat.

Put the pastry-covered dough in the center, squeeze it on all sides, wrap it, and close it down.

Brush a bit of water on the smooth surface and apply a layer of sesame.

Press flat, place in a baking sheet, brush a layer of honey water, and let stand for 20-30 minutes.


Preheat the oven 170 degrees, medium, and bake for 25 minutes.

Each oven is different, so feel free to master it.

Take out the middle and brush again with honey water, which is good for surface coloring.

This is the difference between standing still and not standing, and the surface will crack during the simmering process, and it will look more crispy; if it is not baked directly, the skin will be flat.

After baking, it tastes almost the same.

Except for the food that is especially useful in the mouth, others can eat slightly different things, but they can’t expect their backs ~~~~ 6.

Crispy confections: Crispy surface crispy and fragrant.

A little sweet yet!

The heart is very soft, and the heart is a little more than dry, and it drops in sections.