[Can Bayberry and Corn Eat Together]_Benefits_Food Phases

[Can Bayberry and Corn Eat Together]_Benefits_Food Phases

The combination of dietary structure is very critical. In people’s normal life, many people will not pay attention to the combination of dietary structure. Some two kinds of food that cannot be matched together are carelessly matched together because they do not understand, Very dangerous problems will occur.

Bayberry and corn are two foods that everyone is familiar with. If you look at them separately, the two foods also taste better, are easy to be accepted by everyone, and can promote physical health.

But can bayberry and corn be eaten together?

First, eating bayberry like this is very dangerous. Before eating, there are several points to pay attention to!

Food is dangerous.

Bayberry cannot be eaten with seafood!

The VC contained in myrica rubra will react with the nitrates in seafood to form arsenic trioxide, which is called arsenic.

So the consequences . 2.

Bayberry cannot be eaten with cucumber!

Because bayberry is rich in vitamin C, it is very nutritious, but it is most afraid of the decomposition enzymes of vitamin C, and cucumber contains metabolic enzymes. If eaten together, bayberry will lose its nutritional value.?


Bayberry cannot be eaten with scallions!

Although bayberry and shallots seem to have no connection, once they are consumed again at the same time, a complicated chemical reaction will occur, which will adversely affect the human body and may cause the legendary stomach pain.

Second, it is important to clean bayberry. What is the little white bug in bayberry?

Myrica rubra is the larva of the fruit fly.

This is a normal natural phenomenon in the traditional cultivation of Myrica rubra, and the fruit fly larva is a high-quality protein containing antibacterial peptides.

Some people regard this bug as a baby and think that it can improve people’s resistance after eating.

From birth to growth, fruit fly larvae are almost in a pollution-free environment, so there are almost no bacteria that are bad for the human body.

Third, how to clean myrica rubra and encounter small white worms, how can I eat with peace of mind?

The answer is: saltwater soak!

Freshly purchased bayberry can be soaked in cold water and soaked for a few minutes to several minutes to soak up the white worms.

If you buy more bayberry at one time, put it in the refrigerator after soaking.

Tips: Precautions for picking bayberry 1. Before picking bayberry, remember to wear dark clothes or old clothes, preferably long sleeves, to prevent juice from splashing when picking bayberry, and to prevent mosquito bites.

It’s hot, remember to put on sunscreen.

2. Before picking, put a layer of wolftail fern on the bottom of the bayberry basket, which can make bayberry better preserved.

3. Pay attention to safety when picking bayberry. Do not climb the bayberry tree at will. In addition, bayberry branches are also very delicate, so you cannot use force to pull it. I hope that the majority of tourists will love the bayberry tree.

4. The purple bayberry is ripe. You can use scissors to gently cut off the bayberry.

When picking bayberry, it is best to pick pearls one by one. Do not pick branches. This will affect the growth of bayberry in the coming year.