Japanese supporting character Shiga Hirotaro died of illness, starring in Nanazawa Naoki, etc.

Japanese supporting character Shiga Hirotaro died of illness, starring in “Nanazawa Naoki”, etc.
According to Japanese media reports on April 30, Japan’s “Golden Supporting Role” Shiga Hirotaro, who appeared in “World Wonder Story Day”, “Medical Dragon 2” and “Kanazawa Naoki” due to an error at 8:20 on April 20Pharyngeal pneumonia died at the age of 71.The agency to which it belonged released the news and stated that its funeral was antique on April 29, and only relatives participated.Shiga Hirotaro ‘s affiliate said that Shiga Hirotaro has been actively undergoing rehabilitation training since he fell ill due to cerebral infarction in the spring of 2019, but he still failed to get his wish. “According to the will of the survivors, the funeral was only on April 29.Involved by close relatives.I’m really sorry, we don’t have antique ceremonies and flower ceremonies.In addition, regarding the subject of the “Farewell Meeting”, the firm stated that it will conduct antiques after consulting with the survivors and the youth troupe of the troupe it belongs to after confirming the development of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.In 1990, Shiga Hirotaro joined the troupe of youth troupes and only debuted as an actor at the age of 45.Since 2000, he has appeared in many well-known Japanese film and television dramas such as “World Wonder Story”, “Medical Dragon 2”, “Dragon Horse Biography”, “Iron Bone”, “Three Horses Ogisang” and “Hazenawa Naoki”.Although Shiga Hirotaro rarely plays the leading role, he is engaged in natural vicissitudes and bitter voices, performing the roles of superiors, criminal police, teachers, and doctors to the extreme, becoming an indispensable popularity.In April 2019, in the Japanese drama “Yesterday’s Gourmet”, Shiga Hirotaro played Shira’s father played by Hideo Nishijima, but because of his physical inability to withdraw midway, Tian Shan Liangcheng was replaced.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Wu Dongni proofread Chen Diyan