2014 FIFA Golden Globe Awards Winners List: Loof’s best coach J Ronaldo’s best score _1

2014 FIFA Golden Globe Awards winner list: Love’s best coach J Luo’s best goal
Beijing time on January 13 at 1:30 (European Central Time at 18:30 on the 12th), FIFA 2014 annual award ceremony in Zurich antiques.Love overcame Ancelotti and Simoni and was elected the best men’s football coach; J Ronaldo’s World Cup volley volley won the best score.German women’s football midfielder Kessler was elected Miss World Football.Sun Wen, a former Chinese female football star, served as the guest of honor for the best female football coach.Loew won the best coach of the men’s football J Ronaldo scored the best goal Messi and C Ronaldo received the best striker award World Professional Players Union Best Ranking British Sky Sports female anchor Abbdo hosted the award ceremony, Golden Globe Award and Miss World FootballAfter each of the three candidates walked the stage, they first revealed the World Professional Players Union’s annual best ranking, with more than 20,000 professional players participating in the vote.Piero served as an awarding guest and revealed the best ranking of the World Professional Players Union (4-3-3): Neuer/Ramos, David Luiz, Thiago Silva, Ram/Di Maria,Cross, Iniesta/Roben, Messi, Ronaldo.FIFA Presidential Award: He Chuanhao FIFA Presidential Award was founded in 2001.Blatter announced that the 90-year-old Japanese football reporter He Chuanhao won the prize.He Chuanhao is the oldest reporter to cover the World Cup in Brazil.He said in his speech: This is a supreme honor.In 1979, Chairman Blatter was a member of the Japan Youth Championship Subcommittee. Since then, my English has improved a lot.Friends asked me to bring back the signatures of Ronaldo and Messi.Best Women’s Football Coach: Kleinmann’s Wolfsburgsburg women’s football coach Kleinmann has entered the top three for two consecutive years. Last year he won the European Women’s Champions League and the German League; Minat defeated the German team to win the women’s footballU20 World Youth Championship; Nobuo Sasaki, the 2011 winner, entered the Japanese women’s football team to win the Asian Cup for the first time.Sun Wen, a former Chinese female football star, announced that Kellerman won the award.His ticket fare was 17.06%, Minat and Sasaki Zefu got 13 respectively.16% and 13.06% of the vote.Kleinmann specifically mentioned the Wolfsburg player Malanda who died in a car accident. The tragedy took him away from us. For this reason, I can’t go on.Best men’s football coach: Lov Ancelotti, Lov, Simone entered the top three.Anshuai and Loew won the most important trophies for the club and the national team respectively last year. Simone led Atletico Madrid to break through the Real Madrid and Barcelona monopoly of the La Liga championship. The Champions League is only one step away from winning the championship.Heathfield announced that Loew won the prize.Love got a vote of 36.At 23%, Ancelotti and Simone’s votes were 22 respectively.06% and 19.02%.Loew said: This is the icing on the cake. I know that this award is given to me. I receive the award on behalf of the entire support team. We (in football) are in excellent condition and have played our best.The trophy is the result of years of hard work.I also want to thank the German coaches who engage in youth training every day.Fair Play Award: The FIFA Volunteer Fair Play Award was established in 1987.FIFA Secretary-General Walker announced that this award will be awarded to all FIFA volunteers.Shortly afterwards, a short video of the World Cup in Brazil was broadcast.Loew and Ram took the gold cup on stage, Loew said: Continuing success is not easy.The Spanish team used three consecutive championships to tell us what to do next.Puskas Award (Best Goal Award): Hames-Rodriguez Puskas Award is the best goal award.The award was founded by Blatter in 2009 and paid tribute to the legendary Ukrainian striker Puskas.The FIFA expert group nominated 10 best balls, and then voted by the visitors of the official website of FIFA and the official website of “French Football”.The FIFA Air Force has announced the top three, two of which come from the World Cup: Van Persie’s flying jump and J Ronaldo’s chest stoppage volley volley.Another god promised that in November last year, in the Irish Women’s Football League, Roche backed up to meet his teammates’ half-height ball, a continuous reversed spherical guard, and turned 25 meters away. His left foot volleyed and volleyed the net.Former French star Karen Bu announced that Ronaldo won the prize.J Roth’s ticket fare is 42%, Roche and Van Persie are 33% and 11% respectively.J Luo said: This is a special moment for me and all Colombians.Miss World Football: Kessler Brazilian star Mata set a record of entering the top three for 11 consecutive years. She scored twice in the UEFA Champions League final last year and won the Swedish Women’s League championship for the fifth time.In 2012 Miss World Football, American veteran Wambach ranked in the top three for four consecutive years, but the only new face, 26-year-old German midfielder Kessler finally won.She is the double-crown Wolfsburgsburg women’s football captain and was included in the 2013-14 season’s best female football player in Europe.In her speech, she also mourned Malanda.FIFA Golden Globe Awards: Ronaldo’s award guest Henry Li Xiaoxiao Ronaldo won.After receiving the trophy, Ronaldo said: Thank you to everyone who voted for me. This is an incredible year. I hope to continue.I have to work hard to get better and become better every day.I never thought that I could take this quantification home three times.I want to be one of the greatest players of all time.Finally, he cheered to celebrate the goal.Then Ronaldo’s son came to power and took a photo with his father.(Ma Ge)